Does Consulting have to be dry and predictable?

No. Cleverwood delivers consulting assignments in new, refreshing ways.


In the constantly evolving world of new media and emerging communication channels, the task of bringing the right content or message to the right person, engaging conversation on various platforms and getting the insights from those conversations is a job that needs to be continuously reinvented.

Every day, new platforms and tools are launched on the web. And every time it happens, we take it as an opportunity to use this abundance of new tools to help our clients across a wide scope of their business needs. Whereas our main expertise is in content management, we understand how this benefits our clients across such functions as communications, marketing, HR & customer service to name a few.  
More than 80 different consultants have worked in our Consulting unit, each with a variety of digital expertise. 

Project typology

Examples of projects we’ve delivered:

    • Definition of a new media roadmap
    • Creation of cross-channel communications campaigns
    • E-reputation and crisis management strategy: PR 2.0
    • Digital strategy for your business
    • Editorial and content strategy, community architecture
    • Transforming your business into a Social Business
    • Digital product management
    • E-Business strategies
    • Reinventing your HR communications
    • Set-up and implementation of social media guidelines