You need to establish or reinforce your digital presence? Consider it done!


The Cleverwood Factory operates like a 2.0 logistics center for processing content. 15 multi-lingual consultants, community managers and content managers take daily care of your digital presence.

First, they create, improve and develop your presence. Then, they adapt and rewrite your content to make it appropriate for each of your targets. They also measure, listen, monitor and report based on anything that your audience says about you, your brands, your services, your competition, and your employees.

The work of the core team is supported by our network of 200+ consultants in Belgium and abroad, ready to take up missions and complement the skills available in our Factory.

We constantly use the R&D activities that are done in our Consulting unit to define new processes and improve methodologies for the consultants in the Factory. This enables us to deliver a state of the art service to our clients. We balance the use of each channel that is relevant for your business objectives and ensure maximum ROI from your investment.

We are like a 2.0 interactive logistics center for your content — not only do we deliver your messages through the complex maze of online channels and make sure they are received by your target audience, but we also collect your customers’ feedback, and bring it back to you.

Project typology

Examples of projects we’ve delivered:


    • Set-up of Social Media presences
    • Ongoing daily management and customization of your digital presences (website, blog, forums, social networks)
    • Conversation management, webmasters, missions, content management
    • Project management for digital projects
    • Production, translation and adaptation of your content
    • Crisis management
    • Web, Social and Mobile development (in collaboration with established partners)
    • Cross-channel campaigns management
    • Natural and paid traffic generation (SEO, SEA, Facebook Social Ads…)