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Jan 2016

How a Tweet changes your life!

I owe my job to a tiny blue bird, tweet tweet! Unbelievably cool, right? Let me share the story of my job hunt… I remember that great feeling when graduating… I was done, finished, free! But soon reality kicked in: Real life was only beginning… I was to embark on a career that would last me for the next 40 years. That required a proper strategy: I was only going to apply for the jobs I was really interested in. And so the journey began, with Twitter as my faithful companion on my quest. I temporarily switched my Twitter username to @Lynn-zkt-werk and every now and then I tweeted about the pains and pleasures of job hunting. I still recall my first job interview: a complete disaster! I was so nervous I began to blush like a tomato. I answered each question with a rambling fit. Incontrollable rattling was not required for…

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Feb 2015

Content is not just black! #DolceGusto #HappyClient

In 2009, when Nestlé launched NESCAFE Dolce Gusto on the Belgian market, they wanted to stick to the values of the brand, but in an unconventional way! Their objective was to be closer to and engage more with their customers. Needless to say that social media were an excellent way to achieve this goal, and that is where Cleverwood entered the scene.


Mar 2014

12 inspiring examples of Twitter contests

Supermarket Delhaize recently flooded Belgian Twitter timelines with recipes in the form of a contest. It’s an example of how many companies nowadays are using Twitter as a marketing vehicle to increase their brand awareness, and ultimately collect data. In addition to our previous blog post on this topic, we think it’s valuable to look at some recent Belgian examples.


Aug 2013

Don’t let your Twitterwall become a #fail

Nowadays you see Twitterwalls popping up on a lot of events. The basics of a Twitterwall is a big screen or projection where attendants’ tweets with a specific hashtag are being display. But what’s good to know when you decided to setup a Twitterwall at your event? Let me share the learnings we had from our last Trends Session. 1. Free vs paying You will find a lot of free tools, but be sure to check them in advance. There is no free lunch, and that’s also the case for Twitterwalls: some will display the logo of the software, other will displays ads… You might want to avoid that and that’s when you should use a paying version. Commercial tools often are easy to personalize: you can define your own set of colors, use you own logo’s, alternate the wall with a sponsor page, … The extras that you will…

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Feb 2012

How to suck at Twitter

Twitter in Belgium surpassed 1 Million users. That’s what news media reported earlier this month. Numbers show how twitter use doubled compared to last year, from 520 thousand to 1,1 million users. That makes Belgium the 35th country worldwide. With so many new arrivals on Twitter, it’s probably a good idea to learn some of the basic rules of Twitter. What should you do? Or better yet: what are some things you definitely should not do on Twitter?


Jan 2012

Building momentum through conversations.

Time for confessions, I love Iron Maiden! Not only for their great output of timeless heavy metal classics, but surely for their unique brand management over time as well. Like many major bands, it might not surprise you Iron Maiden is more than just the artists. It is a serious business with well thought out marketing budgets. However, while many major bands still use traditional promotion pushed through various new media channels, Iron Maiden seems to understand the power of conversations. Next to their advanced experience marketing programs (join singer Bruce Dickinson on board of his Boeing 747), presences on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, they dare to reach out to the fans in a unique way. Let’s explore what happened earlier this week.


Dec 2011

Top Tweets of 2011: Predictable vs Surprise

With Saint Nicolas behind us, the final stretch to Christmas and the New Year is in sight. It’s the time of year where we review all that’s happened in the past year. For this reason, Twitter is publishing an overview of their most populair stories, topics and hashtags.


Oct 2011

The BEL20 companies on Social Media: Innovators or Laggards?

In a report published in March 2009, the marketing and advertising research company Nielsen called social networks « the global consumer phenomenon of 2008 ». Indeed, they attracted a lot of people: almost two-third of the population on the Web registered on a social network. This consumer phenomenon makes traditional media, the advertising industry and commercial companies face new challenges. For these actors, social networks represent as many opportunities as threats. This study realized and presented by Lionel Groetaers between August 1 and October 31 2010 aims to understand the use of social sites by stock index BEL20 companies.


Sep 2011

Social Media ROI – Measure the unmeasurable

Even if the return on investment in social media cannot (yet) be measured easily and precisely, our clients and prospects still want results. How to deal with such a dilemma? How to explain the unmeasurable? This was the big question which Stijn Vogels, SEA and Social Media Consultant at Cleverwood, tried to answer in only 45 minutes. Together with these answers, Stijn presented a nice overview of  the different ROI tools in Social Media as well for this 40th Friday Session.


Aug 2011

5 free Community Management Tools for Facebook (part 2)

As a community manager, it’s not always easy to manage a lot of various Facebook accounts. Therefore, different tools were created to cary out your daily tasks. But are they all relevant? Can we use free tools or do we rather pay and be sure they’re efficient? After the big success of the previous Friday Session on Community Management Tools, our Social Media and SEA consultant Christelle Deliens decided to give another session for those who missed the first one. This time, she was joined by Stijn Vogels and together they presented an updated version of those Community Management tools.

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