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Jun 2013

Thank you for joining our CTS #8: Who is the King? Context, Content or Community?

Maybe I should consider to stop shouting ‘Get me out of my comfort zone‘ all the time. Because my next challenge aboard Cleverwood was to help organize the upcoming Trends Session. What’s a Trend Session? Well, it’s one of the services we provide at Cleverwood: we scan the market, look what’s new, evaluate and point out what is relevant to our customers, our clients and our partners. Next we package this knowledge into a practical and down to earth set of presentations and voilà: you have a Trends Session! So that’s what I explained to the audience, while presenting the topic of the evening ‘Who’s the King? Content, context or community?’ and the 3 speakers we invited to share some insights on the matter:


May 2013

CTS #8: Who is the King? Context, Content or Community?

We all know the famous quote “Content is King”, and it is. But it was coined at a time before social media or mobile. The rise of each of these technologies brought their own King, being Context (in a mobile environment) and Community (on social media). This sounded like a good starting point to ask ourselves the question: “who actually IS the King?” For the next Trends Session on 13th of June we lined up 3 speakers with case studies on the topics Content, Community and Context. Evert-Jan De Kort will show the advantage of content for his brand Choqoa, Kurt Pappaert from KBC will share the details on their community efforts and Frederic Herzeele from Belgacom will talk about the importance of context. Register and join us!  


Dec 2012

#CTS7 : The Perfect Date

This month, we were happy to gather our network of clients, consultants, partners and friends to celebrate our 5th birthday during a Cleverwood Trends Session. When we gathered the team to think about the topic for this very special event, we immediately decided to put our (brand new!) slogan in practice and make it an event with lots of interactions between people. In the first part of the session, we were happy to invite our friends of Innate Motion, specialized in humanizing business. We met Innate Motion and Christophe Fauconnier exactly 2 months earlier during the UBA trends day on the 4th of October and their approach to more human business seduced us very much. In the second part, we organized a set of speed dating sessions between the audience and the consultants, it’s a pragmatic, useful and fun way of sharing knowledge. Some of the Cleverwood consultants were available for…

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Dec 2011

Football and Social Media in Belgium

Football and social media in Belgium Cleverwood white paper by Pieter Maenhout. As announced in my previous blogpost, I’ve worked for several months on an overview on how Football clubs in Belgium use social media. Today it seems like most companies and brands are conquering their fear of social media, one step at a time. They realize that online presence and reputation matters. A multi-million business like the professional football world can not leave behind.


Jan 2010

Cleverwood wishes you plenty of “New Ways of Using Media” for 2010

2009 is over and 2010 is starting with plenty of new projects for Cleverwood: Mobile seems to (finally) speed up in Belgium with great initatives in the pipeline, Social Media, Conversation Marketing, Brand Monitoring and Community Management are not just buzz words anymore, and new opportunities for Multi-online-channel campaigns are generated everyday. We are looking forward to many opportunities to meet new and existing contacts during our Trends Sessions or Friday Afternoon Sessions (the next one, “Is Digital Signage a natural evolution of Outdoor Communication or a new media?” happens on Jan 15th, feel free to register) and probably during various passionating missions in 2010. For the mobile addicts and curious, we’ll see probably each others at the various Mobile Monday‘s and maybe at the next one onPoint of Sale Mobile innovations (SMS, QR code,…). Another opportunity to meet will at the first DevCom Brussels on Jan 28th. We’ll have a booth there…

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Aug 2009

What Women Want… In Mobile ? Videos now available

Carole LamarqueIf you missed the Cleverwood Trends Session “What Women Want… in Mobile”, or if you like to watch it again, the full video of the conference is now available. In the first part, Mélanie Mc Cluskey, Director Customer Intelligence Center at Belgacom Group, talked about the Mobile usage: what women do, what women want, what women expect.


Dec 2008

Debriefing: La métamorphose de la Radio: sommes-nous prêts pour le 2.0?

On December 3rd, Cleverwood organized a Trends Session to discuss the future of the Radio in general and in the French speaking part of Belgium in more details. Around the table, Marc Vossen (general manager – Nostalgie), Laurent Finet (new media advisor – RTBF), Jean-Jacques Deleeuw (general manager – Bel RTL) and Yves Baudechon (co-founder – Radionomy) discussed the current challenges and opportunities that digital and interactivity will bring to the FM radio. The discussion was orchestrated by Cédric Godart (Pure FM).


Nov 2008

cleverwood Trends Session 3 Dec : La métamorphose de la radio – sommes-nous prêts pour le 2.0.?

Are we ready for the next radio generation? During the next Trends Session on December 3rd, cleverwood invited a pannel of belgian key players in the radio sector to discuss the future of the traditionnal radio in light of the current digital evolution. During this session, Cédric Godart (Pure FM) will moderate a discussion between Marc Vossen (general manager – Nostalgie), Laurent Finet (new media advisor – RTBF), Jean-Jacques Deleeuw (general manager – Bel RTL) and Yves Baudechon (co-founder – Radionomy) to debate around the opportunities and challenges that arise with the explosion of the new media. If you are interested, feel free to register to this event, we’ll be happy to meet you there! The Trends Sessions are part of our Dynamic Insourcing programme, you can also have a look at the previous trends sessions on Mobile Advertising.


Aug 2008

Debriefing the Cleverwood Trends Session on Aug 7th 2008

Thanks for coming last Thursday! It was such a pleasure to meet you during this event! We are looking forward to a next opportunity to share information with you on the exciting trends in the digital world! As promised, here are some pictures and the topics of the presentations: Mobile Advertising: what can we expect, by Fabian Tilmant, Mobile Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, Mobile Marketing Manager at Sanoma Web, Mobile, Interactive Television: will they converge, one day, by Laurent Kinet, IDTV Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, co-founder and CEO of Early Stage, and Jurgen Noël, Web Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, Digital Advertisement Manager at ING Check also the cleverwood channel to watch all the videos!


Jul 2008

Invitation to the Cleverwood Trends Session – August 7th, 2008

Mobile Advertising is still looking for valuable models. Will traditional Web and E-mail marketing models be adapted to our mobile phones? Or will we see new paradigms emerge? How shall newcomers in the business position themselves between GSM manufacturers, mobile operators, online marketing leaders and media agencies? And what about the users? We’re glad to invite you to the next cleverwood Trends Sessions about Mobile Advertising, on August 7th, 2008 in Brussels. Come and share a couple of hours with our experts and other attendees, in a relaxed but boiling atmosphere.