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Mar 2015

Cleverwood Afternoon Session #74: The future of retail

In an ever-connected world where consumers have an always-on attitude, opportunities are plenty for brands to reach out to their (potential) customers. But how will they do so without being too intrusive? What can be done to make the message as meaningful as possible while keeping the experience relevant? Last 26th February, Miel Van Opstal shared his views on the digital opportunities for retail and, more importantly, what is needed to enable the retail industry to deliver on the promise of the ultimate consumer journey.  Curious to discuss with us about the digital opportunities for your retail activities? Drop us a line or call us on +32 (0)2 888 79 34!


Apr 2014

How is mobile changing the shopping experience?

With over 50% of consumers walking around with a smartphone while they’re shopping, mobile is changing the shopping experience. The question is which technologies are at hand to interact with this connected customer? I had the privilege to act as the content coordinator for a MobileMondays Brussels session on this topic. For this I found 4 speakers: Eduard X Paniego, Export manager at openTrends (Barcelona), on the paradigm of Context Awared Solutions Olivier Delangre, Co-founder at Amoobi, showing their solution to use mobile for in-store customer flow monitoring Mario Haneca, VP Client Relations at Tapcrowd, presenting their iBeacon and geo-targetting technologies Tom Kestens, Head of Marketing at Sixdots, explaining how they are building a Belgian standard for secure mobile payments What did I learn? Well, for instance, that the Belgian retail market is about nowhere when it comes to embracing these new technologies. There is only 1 known iBeacon case…

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Sep 2013

Content Marketing Tip : play the why, how, what !

  So you have spent time and effort ensuring that content is king and your artillery is loaded with royal ammunition. But how do you structure the release of these eloquent social messages to your customers? If you are part of a medium to large B2C company, your marketing team has probably already established a digital footprint across a few different social media sites (if not, contact us). Two or three of the now common consumer hang-outs like Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be discredited – a combination of these certainly makes up a solid marketing base. Meaningful customer engagement with your products or services can arise from smart content mapping between these popular sites. In this article we’d like to guide you through a few tips on marketing content within these particular social spaces.


Mar 2013

Shoppersday 2013 – we were there!

“Get me out of my comfort zone” I asked the Cleverwood team when joining them last month. And that’s what they did! I got the opportunity to be one of the speakers for this year’s edition of the Shoppersday, one of the leading events when it comes to retail in Belgium, with no less than 500 participants. Speaking of getting out of my comfort zone… My time was short, the audience was mixed, so I thought they could use a practical presentation. OK, it’s inspiring to see how technology could change the retail but already today there are a lot of challenges.”So let’s focus on tomorrow’s opportunities”, was my advice. So I identified 10 practical and feasible tactics in my presentation. During the rest of the day it became clear that retail is struggling with digital. And I can surely understand why: compared with the daily footprint of their stores the traffic on…

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