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May 2014

Pinterest in Belgium: Interview with Belgian Pinfluencer Paulien

To top off our Pinterest in Belgium series, we wanted to obtain some insights from a popular Belgian Pinterest user or Pinfluencer. We did a short interview with 22-year old Belgian student, model, fashion pinner and blogger Paulien Riemis. Although Paulien doesn’t run any business, her experience with Pinterest can teach us valuable lessons. At the time of writing, Paulien has pinned over 33.000 images and acquired over 20.000 followers.


Mar 2014

How big is the Belgian Pinterest user base?

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has established a solid online presence with its 70 million user base (or is it 80?), and is projected to be 2014’s fastest growing social network. The social network has achieved great results in the US and UK, and is slowly but steadily gaining ground in Europe, but what about Belgium? How large or small is the Belgian Pinterest user base?


Sep 2012

10 reasons why travel industry should love Pinterest

Tourism is an essentially visual experience and Pinterest embodies the power of online visual content: here is why the love between Pinterest and tourism was born. But images are not the only reason that has driven travel brands to incorporate this platform into their social-networking repertoire. Demographic. Pinterest is now the third most popular social media platform behind Twitter and Facebook, its daily user base has increased by nearly 150 percent since the start of 2012 and 97 percent of Pinterest users are women. It’s no surprise that DMO’s have been jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. Women 25-44 are a coveted target for many of them as they travel a lot and they are the real decision-makers when planning a trip. Travelers love Pinterest. Do you remember the travel scrapbook of decades past? Well, actually this digital bulletin gives user the same opportunity: it lets them organise travel boards of…

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Aug 2012

Belgian brands on Pinterest

You certainly already know it, Pinterest is getting a more and more important place in the jungle of social media platforms. At Cleverwood, we keep on following the evolution of such tool and do our best to stay up to date with its latest developments. Therefore, you can find us on Pinterest with several boards concerning Cleverwood of course, but also about “new ways of” communication we repin from here and ther, and finally some infographics concerning new media. Moreover, we are also very interested in discovering how Pinterest evolves on the Begian landscape and how it’s used by the Belgian brands. That is why we created a board dedicated only to Belgian brands present on Pinterest. You can find it here. Feel free to follow it to discover who is in and how they use it. You will find out different styles of using Pinterest : promoting products or…

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