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Sep 2013

Stievie: getest

Het was donderdag 4 maart toen mijn mailbox me vertelde dat ik samen met 9.999 andere Vlamingen uitgekozen was om een nieuwtje in medialand te testen: Stievie! Que? Stievie is een applicatie voor iphone en ipad waarmee je 36uur tv kan terugspoelen van 10(!) Vlaamse zenders (één, VTM, Vier, Canvas, Vijf, Vitaya, Jim, Ketnet, op12 en Kzoom). Als grote fan van het betere tv programma dwarsboomt een gebrek aan tijd me vaker dan lief is deze te bekijken. Opnemen dan maar. En net zoals ik weleens de programmatie van een uitzending durf vergeten, vergeet ik ook al eens iets op te nemen. Daarom lijkt Stievie mij nu al op het lijf geschreven, je hoeft absoluut niets te programmeren en toch kun je overal je tv 36 uur terugspoelen. Enige voorwaarde: een werkende wifi of 3G verbinding en een opgeladen iPhone of iPad. Weg met reminders en TV gidsen. Klinkt goed!


Aug 2013

Behind the scenes of our Strategic Workshop

“Think before you start”, that’s what we tell our clients. And that’s why they need a (digital) strategy. But don’t underestimate writing a strategy: it takes time (and budget), lots of effort and challenging, and sometimes companies simply don’t have the time, budget or focus to dive into a strategy. That’s why we created our digital strategy workshop: it’s a fast track to challenge existing or start new initiatives, in an interactive way. But why am I saying this? You can read all the details on our website. Since we are doing these workshops since 2008 we recently decided to formalise them into a package deal. And to kickstart this decision we challenged our e-mail subscribers: we gave away a workshop for free to the person (or company) who could provide us with the biggest challenge. (See? You should subscribe to our e-mailing!)


Aug 2012

Belgian brands on Pinterest

You certainly already know it, Pinterest is getting a more and more important place in the jungle of social media platforms. At Cleverwood, we keep on following the evolution of such tool and do our best to stay up to date with its latest developments. Therefore, you can find us on Pinterest with several boards concerning Cleverwood of course, but also about “new ways of” communication we repin from here and ther, and finally some infographics concerning new media. Moreover, we are also very interested in discovering how Pinterest evolves on the Begian landscape and how it’s used by the Belgian brands. That is why we created a board dedicated only to Belgian brands present on Pinterest. You can find it here. Feel free to follow it to discover who is in and how they use it. You will find out different styles of using Pinterest : promoting products or…

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Dec 2009

Last Friday Session of the Year + X-mas drink!

Last Friday, despite the snow and a difficult access to the office, Jurgen Noel came to speak about his job and particularly about how to make a good campaign younger generations and Digital Natives.  He showed us the various steps and his tips to reach the young generation on the web and social media. He illustrated this with his recent experiences in the banking sector at ING on social media such as Netlog or Facebook. I personally will remember that we should not try to speak like them because we aren’t like them! The tone of voice that will be chosen in a media campaign targeting teenagers is really important.


Nov 2009

Mobile Music at #momobxl – debrief by the AWT

During the mobile Monday that was held at Corelio in September, we discussed the present and future of mobile music (see previous blog post about this). You can find a comprehensive debrief written by the AWT, including an interview of Julien Mourlon, our music and radio specialist.


Jul 2009

Cleverwood Barbecue 2009

After a great and successful first half of 2009, time had come to celebrate and relax a bit. Thank you everyone for participating and making a success out of it… until very late for some of you and a special thanks to our host Jurgen. You will find the pictures on Flickr and Facebook. Comments are welcome of course. Next to our usual Trends Sessions and Friday Sessions, I’ll make sure we get soon another opportunity to share our common new media passion in such a chill-out environment mode. Have fun with New Media! Olivier