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Dec 2010

Cleverwood is part of the new “Rossel Label”

The Rossel group recently launched a new initiative called the Rossel Label. This group of experts gathered to answer the growing demand of advertisers for new and creative solutions in new media and advertising. Cleverwood is happy to be part of this initiative. Together with 5 other companies, we are looking forward to help many companies explore new ways of using media. Read more and download the presentation of this label at the Rossel Advertising website.


Jan 2010

Cleverwood wishes you plenty of “New Ways of Using Media” for 2010

2009 is over and 2010 is starting with plenty of new projects for Cleverwood: Mobile seems to (finally) speed up in Belgium with great initatives in the pipeline, Social Media, Conversation Marketing, Brand Monitoring and Community Management are not just buzz words anymore, and new opportunities for Multi-online-channel campaigns are generated everyday. We are looking forward to many opportunities to meet new and existing contacts during our Trends Sessions or Friday Afternoon Sessions (the next one, “Is Digital Signage a natural evolution of Outdoor Communication or a new media?” happens on Jan 15th, feel free to register) and probably during various passionating missions in 2010. For the mobile addicts and curious, we’ll see probably each others at the various Mobile Monday‘s and maybe at the next one onPoint of Sale Mobile innovations (SMS, QR code,…). Another opportunity to meet will at the first DevCom Brussels on Jan 28th. We’ll have a booth there…

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Oct 2009

The digital information value chain

On Friday 9th of October, Fabian Tilmant, senior mobile consultant, presented a tool he has been working on for a long time already and notably in New York, at the Institute for Media and Entertainment: the value chain of the digital information distribution. He explained that from broadcast television to online media, from gaming to radio, all media can be analysed through this Information Value Chain. This model allows understanding New (ways of using) Media successful strategies, recent repositioning and biggest failure. It enables to point out the reasons why some corporate strategies consist to take the largest possible place in the information value chain. After an hour of presentation, Fabian proposed the attendees to share ideas by making short “use cases” on the topic. Google, Apple, Belgacom, IPM, Rossel, HTC, Microsoft… we de- and re-constructed their presence on the entire chain during the interactive part of the session. Pictures are here and you can…

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Sep 2009

Discussing the future of radio in The Word

Future Airwave in The Word magazine Yesterday morning I had the nice surprise to find the USB issue of Belgian lifestyle magazine The Word in my mailbox. This special edition (subscribers only) entitled “Universal Stereo Boombox” features (among other nice content) a piece about Citywurl founder Billy Palmier, an interview with Stonesthrow‘s mastermind Peanut Butter Wolf … plus an article about LDBK radio and more specifically the work we did around our players.   Article by Nicholas Lewis – Picture by Yassin Serghini From left to right: Anthony Janssens (Datasmart), Geoffroy Delobel, Ali Nassiri (Central Design) & Julien Mourlon


Aug 2009

New ways of working : Cleverwood signs the eTIC charter

In order to ensure our clients with the highest quality of services, Cleverwood decided to sign the eTIC charter (company number 381) Signing this charter means a lot to us : As part of our Dynamic Insourcing model, Cleverwood aims at more transparency, a maximum knowledge sharing and a collaborative approach. This is fully in-line with the eTIC charter and corresponds to new ways of working as we do believe in.


May 2009

Video might have killed the radio stars… what about Internet?

What started in 2002 as a weekly radio show on a local radio station kept on evolving throughout the years. If I am still proud to produce shows for FM radio stations (thanks to FM Brussel and 057 radio for giving us this opportunity), I also decided in March 2008 to create an online radio station on the Radionomy platform as a way to expand the Laid Back project. So far more than 20 deejays and numerous guests collaborate on LDBK and help us broadcast 24/7 the best in urban music from the last 40 years. But our goal with LDBK is more ambitious than being a jukebox. We want to make the best use of the new technologies in order to shape the future of radio.


May 2009

Ever wanted to look as cool as Tom Cruise in Minority report?

Well it’s no longer science fiction! As demonstrated by Patty Maes – Belgian MIT professor & specialist in artificial intelligence – on TED.com this technology is now within our grasp. Together with her team she succeeded in building and programming a device that truly delivers us augmented reality; by bringing intangible, digital information out into the tangible world, and allowing us to interact with this information via natural hand gestures.


May 2009

What Women Want… in Mobile

Here is a quick debrief of our Mobile Marketing Trends Session held on May 7th : What women want… in Mobile? Because we are all different, we love different brands, we use our devices in different ways, Fabian Tilmant started by highlighting the importance of segmentation in mobile .