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Apr 2014

How is mobile changing the shopping experience?

With over 50% of consumers walking around with a smartphone while they’re shopping, mobile is changing the shopping experience. The question is which technologies are at hand to interact with this connected customer? I had the privilege to act as the content coordinator for a MobileMondays Brussels session on this topic. For this I found 4 speakers: Eduard X Paniego, Export manager at openTrends (Barcelona), on the paradigm of Context Awared Solutions Olivier Delangre, Co-founder at Amoobi, showing their solution to use mobile for in-store customer flow monitoring Mario Haneca, VP Client Relations at Tapcrowd, presenting their iBeacon and geo-targetting technologies Tom Kestens, Head of Marketing at Sixdots, explaining how they are building a Belgian standard for secure mobile payments What did I learn? Well, for instance, that the Belgian retail market is about nowhere when it comes to embracing these new technologies. There is only 1 known iBeacon case…

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Jun 2011

What future for Voice and SMS – Mobile Monday Brussels

Giving a call and sending an SMS is the most used function of you GSM. For many people still, it is the only function that is used on a mobile phone. What future can we expect for these rather basic functions? What innovation might become the game changer? Last Monday, we were happy to help Mobile Monday Brussels organizing a debate about the future of Voice and SMS to try answering those questions, here is a short debrief and some point of views that I found interesting.


Sep 2010

First Appsmarathon in Brussels

Next Monday, Mobile Monday Brussels organises the first Appsmarathon in Brussels! What is it about ? During this marathon, national and international independent developers, start-ups and well established players will present the most interesting, innovative and just utterly cool applications. The present and future of mobile applications will be demonstrated in an unprecedented way: everything will be projected on surrounding walls by about 10 projectors. For whom ? Developers, manufacturers, just curious and those who want to get a good idea of what the future could bring in this domain. When ? September 27th 2010 – From 20h till 24h Where ? Claridge –  Leuvensesteenweg 24 chaussée de Louvain – 1210 Brussels More Info


Jan 2010

Mobile Monday on Point of Sales Mobile innovations

Last Monday, we kicked off year 2010 with a very interesting topic and discussed QR code with www.i-nigma.com, SMS marketing with Golden Bytes, mobile ticketing with www.ticket-eazy.com and digital signage with www.moovade.com. I missed the wine tasting, but the presentations were interesting and here is a short summary of the highlights, as seen by the Twitter ladies and guys in the audience: Don’t miss the next events, subscribe to www.mobilemonday.be. The very next one will be on March 1st, Danny Lein from MobileWeb is coordinating the organization of Mobile publishing and marketing  content.


Jan 2010

Cleverwood wishes you plenty of “New Ways of Using Media” for 2010

2009 is over and 2010 is starting with plenty of new projects for Cleverwood: Mobile seems to (finally) speed up in Belgium with great initatives in the pipeline, Social Media, Conversation Marketing, Brand Monitoring and Community Management are not just buzz words anymore, and new opportunities for Multi-online-channel campaigns are generated everyday. We are looking forward to many opportunities to meet new and existing contacts during our Trends Sessions or Friday Afternoon Sessions (the next one, “Is Digital Signage a natural evolution of Outdoor Communication or a new media?” happens on Jan 15th, feel free to register) and probably during various passionating missions in 2010. For the mobile addicts and curious, we’ll see probably each others at the various Mobile Monday‘s and maybe at the next one onPoint of Sale Mobile innovations (SMS, QR code,…). Another opportunity to meet will at the first DevCom Brussels on Jan 28th. We’ll have a booth there…

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Nov 2009

Mobile Music at #momobxl – debrief by the AWT

During the mobile Monday that was held at Corelio in September, we discussed the present and future of mobile music (see previous blog post about this). You can find a comprehensive debrief written by the AWT, including an interview of Julien Mourlon, our music and radio specialist.


Nov 2008

Advertising on mobiles – a few key success factors

On Nov 17th during the previous Mobile Monday organized in Brussels at the IBBT Ilab, Fabian Tilmant, co-founder and senior consultant at cleverwood, discussed the golden triangle of mobile content and services. “Building a win-win-win interactivity between the platform, the content and the advertisers is the best way to create a successful and sustainable business model“, says Tilmant, before concluding on a “let’s build platforms!“.