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Feb 2015

What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?


Apr 2014

How is mobile changing the shopping experience?

With over 50% of consumers walking around with a smartphone while they’re shopping, mobile is changing the shopping experience. The question is which technologies are at hand to interact with this connected customer? I had the privilege to act as the content coordinator for a MobileMondays Brussels session on this topic. For this I found 4 speakers: Eduard X Paniego, Export manager at openTrends (Barcelona), on the paradigm of Context Awared Solutions Olivier Delangre, Co-founder at Amoobi, showing their solution to use mobile for in-store customer flow monitoring Mario Haneca, VP Client Relations at Tapcrowd, presenting their iBeacon and geo-targetting technologies Tom Kestens, Head of Marketing at Sixdots, explaining how they are building a Belgian standard for secure mobile payments What did I learn? Well, for instance, that the Belgian retail market is about nowhere when it comes to embracing these new technologies. There is only 1 known iBeacon case…

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Dec 2013

Appslunch meets Maily: apps for kids

Earlier this week we organized another appslunch, our concept where we discuss mobile and/or tablet applications with Cleverwood consultants during lunch. This time, Raphael Halberthal joined us to share his view on the applications business and of course his own application company Maily.


Sep 2013

Stievie: getest

Het was donderdag 4 maart toen mijn mailbox me vertelde dat ik samen met 9.999 andere Vlamingen uitgekozen was om een nieuwtje in medialand te testen: Stievie! Que? Stievie is een applicatie voor iphone en ipad waarmee je 36uur tv kan terugspoelen van 10(!) Vlaamse zenders (één, VTM, Vier, Canvas, Vijf, Vitaya, Jim, Ketnet, op12 en Kzoom). Als grote fan van het betere tv programma dwarsboomt een gebrek aan tijd me vaker dan lief is deze te bekijken. Opnemen dan maar. En net zoals ik weleens de programmatie van een uitzending durf vergeten, vergeet ik ook al eens iets op te nemen. Daarom lijkt Stievie mij nu al op het lijf geschreven, je hoeft absoluut niets te programmeren en toch kun je overal je tv 36 uur terugspoelen. Enige voorwaarde: een werkende wifi of 3G verbinding en een opgeladen iPhone of iPad. Weg met reminders en TV gidsen. Klinkt goed!


Dec 2012

The Future is SoLoMo

With all the busy celebrating of our 5th anniversary, we tend to forget Cleverwood recently reached another milestone worth mentioning. On November 16th, we installed our 50th Friday Session with strategic consultant and social media trainer Miel Van Opstal taking the stage. He shined his light on future digital marketing initiatives and zoomed in on Social Local Mobile opportunities. This presentation served as an introduction to SoLoMo, which is a term to describe a significant change in consumer behavior and marketing opportunities. The social mobile local concept supports the theory that only relevant and meaningful content makes sense to specific users who are at a specific time on a specific location. In order to be able to deliver these marketing messages, it’s necessary to understand how exactly this works, and what technologies and mechanisms are behind it. It moves the consumer even further down the scale of empowerment, allowing them…

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Sep 2011

Mobile Apps lunch #5 : back to the essentials, our top 10

It’s Friday and Friday is our R&D day at Cleverwood! Today’s lunch time was dedicated to one of our favorite activity : sharing our latest experience on Mobile and Tablets. As we didn’t find there was so many new and interesting applications to share, nothing really making the difference, we decided to compare our top mobile apps and rank them. Here is our top 10 essential applications for iPhone and Android Twitter Facebook Foursquare Satchel, the Backpack Client Instagram Evernote Navfree GPS IMDB Buienradar.nl Itypetogo If you did discover some really interesting and ground breaking application lately, let us know so that we can test them during the next session Happy weekend! PS : Many thanks to @momobxl for the suggestion on Victoria’s Secret ipad application!


Jun 2011

What future for Voice and SMS – Mobile Monday Brussels

Giving a call and sending an SMS is the most used function of you GSM. For many people still, it is the only function that is used on a mobile phone. What future can we expect for these rather basic functions? What innovation might become the game changer? Last Monday, we were happy to help Mobile Monday Brussels organizing a debate about the future of Voice and SMS to try answering those questions, here is a short debrief and some point of views that I found interesting.


Oct 2010

The New Media Generation: Adlovers or Ad-avoiders?

Yesterday I attended the GRP Media Session about the relationship between the young generation (between 18 and 22) and the media. The evening was divided into 3 presentations about new researches over this Media Generation. Some of the results were surprising, some of them weren’t! Here is my take for each of them…


Sep 2010

First Appsmarathon in Brussels

Next Monday, Mobile Monday Brussels organises the first Appsmarathon in Brussels! What is it about ? During this marathon, national and international independent developers, start-ups and well established players will present the most interesting, innovative and just utterly cool applications. The present and future of mobile applications will be demonstrated in an unprecedented way: everything will be projected on surrounding walls by about 10 projectors. For whom ? Developers, manufacturers, just curious and those who want to get a good idea of what the future could bring in this domain. When ? September 27th 2010 – From 20h till 24h Where ? Claridge –  Leuvensesteenweg 24 chaussée de Louvain – 1210 Brussels More Info

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