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Feb 2015

What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?


Dec 2014

Introducing the Belgian dating app Puzme

Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right can be a hard and time-consuming task. Not to speak about the fact that ‘Single’ or ‘Not single’ isn’t written on people’s foreheads. Everyone has heard of dating websites such as Match.com, apps like Tinder and concepts such as speed dating, but they all have one disadvantage in common: they primarily focus on looks. Enter: Puzme!


Oct 2014

4 techniques to make Snapchat work for your brand – a class example by Disneyland

With over 4,6 million members and 350 million photos shared every day, Snapchat has rapidly become one of the most popular applications among youngsters. Disneyland was one of the first companies to find a way to engage with their audience by snapping relevant content. As  a strong lovebrand Disneyland appeals to many age groups. However, their marketing strategies are heavily focussed on children and their parents. With Snapchat, Disneyland saw an opportunity to reach the interesting target group of young adults. We took a  closer look and found 4 techniques that Disneyland uses to make Snapchat work.


Jul 2014

Three Mobile Applications for Gardening

Frequent readers of this blog know that we like healthy food at Cleverwood. That’s why we started thinking about growing our own vegetables, which inspired us to take a look at a few mobile gardening applications during lunch. We wanted to see how they could help us, and ended up picking 3 applications we found worth taking a closer look at.


May 2014

8 mobile applications to keep you healthy

We always hear about losing weight for the summer, recovering your silhouette for the holidays, following a special diet after Christmas, … But what about living healthy each day of your life? During our latest #appslunch we looked at 8 mobile applications that help you keeping good shape. Read our list below.


Feb 2014

Mobile banking in Belgium: an applications review [infographic]

To kick off our 2014 #appslunch sessions, we explored the world of mobile banking and tested 5 Belgian mobile banking apps. Our approach was to test the apps only on mobile devices – no tablets – focusing on the Big Five: KBC, ING, AXA, Belfius and BNP Paribas (we did not include Hello Bank). Next to the Big Five we took a look at Keytrade Bank to see how a smaller bank compares to the big ones but – because of its different focus (online, business, investments) – we did not include this bank in the infographic comparison. Have a look at our infographic for a comparison and read our extensive impressions below.


Sep 2013

Mobile Apps Lunch “Back to School”

Wow! After a summer break of 4 months, we organised the “back to school” #appslunch with all colleagues at Cleverwood. No less than 12 applications were submitted! 5 of them are worth sharing: Taxi Proxi is a mobile application that allows you to: Visualise in real-time the nearest available taxi and call him directly on his mobile phone Make a reservation for a taxi on any given moment


Mar 2013

Apps lunch dedicated to food applications

Following our last Friday Session about food blogging given by Cleverwood consultant Kim Recour, we decided to dedicate this month’s appslunch to food apps! Here is our Top 5: Evernote Food: available on Appstore and Google Play Evernote Food presents you a splendid experience to discover and save delicious recipes and amazing restaurants. Anything you save in Evernote Food will show up in Evernote on any device you use. With Evernote Food, you always have your favorite recipes with you, you can share these with your friend (and the world), find a nice restaurant near you by checking the pictures and reviews made by others. If you love food and like sharing your experience, this app is made for you!   Open Food facts: available on AppStore and Google Play This application lets you discover everything you want to know about a certain food product: ingredients, additives, labeling and nutritional composition.  Search for…

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