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Aug 2009

What Women Want… In Mobile ? Videos now available

Carole LamarqueIf you missed the Cleverwood Trends Session “What Women Want… in Mobile”, or if you like to watch it again, the full video of the conference is now available. In the first part, Mélanie Mc Cluskey, Director Customer Intelligence Center at Belgacom Group, talked about the Mobile usage: what women do, what women want, what women expect.


May 2009

What Women Want… in Mobile

Here is a quick debrief of our Mobile Marketing Trends Session held on May 7th : What women want… in Mobile? Because we are all different, we love different brands, we use our devices in different ways, Fabian Tilmant started by highlighting the importance of segmentation in mobile .


Apr 2009

Invitation : What women want… in Mobile?

Everyday, brands are exploring new ways of engaging conversations with their consumers. And Mobile, the fastest growing media, is one of them. Is Mobile really all about males? What about women? What do they want to hear from brands? What kind of interaction do they expect? How different are the female expectations when it comes to mobile marketing? In our next Trends Session, we’ll help you understand: What women want… in Mobile On May 7th, Cleverwood invites the major actors in the mobile market to talk about the growing importance of mobile media for women.


Jan 2009

Digital Battlefield, they said…

Very interesting event organized by BMMA. A one-day trip through all aspects of digital media here in Belgium. The most interesting debate was from far the one dedicated to consumers. Well, in this new era for digital media, triggered by global Social Networks and Web 2.0 trend, it’s quite logical