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Feb 2015

Content is not just black! #DolceGusto #HappyClient

In 2009, when Nestlé launched NESCAFE Dolce Gusto on the Belgian market, they wanted to stick to the values of the brand, but in an unconventional way! Their objective was to be closer to and engage more with their customers. Needless to say that social media were an excellent way to achieve this goal, and that is where Cleverwood entered the scene.


Feb 2015

What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?


Jan 2015

Content Marketing for B2B for Inland Navigation Europe #happyclient

A recent survey shows that 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than a year ago, but only 35% say they have a documented content marketing strategy, rating themselves highly in terms of content marketing  effectiveness. INE understands the importance of a strong content marketing strategy, which is why they appealed to Cleverwood!


Dec 2014

How FOTO.com boosted their sales with Multi-channel Social Media #happyclient

Joseph Niepce took the first picture a long time ago, not realising that two centuries later almost everyone takes them on a daily basis. Whether it is to remember good times, share your interests or just because you want to take a selfie: every picture tells a story. And the best way to keep them close to you? A FOTO.com photo album of course!


Jan 2014

VMMa and the next challenges for media companies #happyclient

Do you remember when we told you about our Digital Strategy Workshop (an interactive workshop on your digital strategy) and our case for the VMMa? Well, they have confirmed their positive feedback – a workshop lasts one day but strategy is all about long-term results! – and we want to share this compelling experience with you. As a parent company of the first Flemish commercial television channel VTM, the VMMa plays an essential part in the creation of video content. This challenge was the main reason why Cleverwood chose them for our ‘free workshop giveaway’ among our e-mail subscribers. How did Cleverwood help the VMMa? We considered 3 important aspects to be integrated in their digital strategy:


Oct 2013

Working for Rob #content #happyclient

George Bernard Shaw once said: “There is no sincerer love than the love for food”. This may well be the best way to describe what true passion for gastronomy really is: authentic and unique to every single person. Personally, I love the story behind every ingredient and I see a recipe as the celebration of every product used to prepare the dish. From the land to the table, food is an ambassador of ancient traditions and genuine flavours. It comes as no surprise that I was really happy when I started working for Rob, the Belgian gourmet’s market par excellence, located in Brussels. Our mission? To help them provide new ways of connecting with foodies!


Jun 2013

Neff and the passion for cooking [#happyclient]

In 2011 Cleverwood started a digital project for the brands in the portfolio of the Bosch Siemens group. Among the multifaceted objectives of this mission, the biggest challenge we wanted to address was to bring Neff customers – current and future – together online, in order to engage them in a dialogue with this high-end kitchen appliances brand ? For us, the solution was not simply to define the right mix between technical know-how and social media presence. We decided to dig deeper, to go beyond social media management to address ways in which the very core of Neff’s value proposition would appeal to the brand’s customers. The result was a social strategy centered not simply around product attributes of kitchen appliances, but rather around people’s love and passion for cooking. Check out what our happy clients Olivier Guilmain and Christoph Vogt have to say about our strategy in this short…

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