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Sep 2013

Catch the web surfer’s attention! – Trends Article

Cleverwood consultants Jochen Cloetens and Jerry Hamal know all about how to get your content to the right audience online, which channels to use, and how to get noticed on Google, and were happy to share their insights in this article in Trends Magazine, check it out or read on below! Language of the article: Dutch. Trends Article – Strik de Surfer by cleverwood


Apr 2013

Optimising your social media platforms for search engines

If SEO is a fascinating world, SEO for social platforms is definitely one of the most interesting challenges when it comes to strengthen your personal or business brand’s visibility. Last week during our Friday Session #55 we enjoyed the presentation by Philippe Hoevenaeghel who shared with us some tips&tricks on how to improve your online presences for search engines. First of all, you have to follow some guidelines to properly optimize your overall social media strategy for search. But how and why does every social signal improve your ranking? And what’s the future for different social signals regarding to SEO? Philippe guided us through the specific elements of information for certain networks you should supply to your profile in order to optimize them. And, last but not least, he gave us the most useful tip: as social SEO is not an exact science, what really matters is who’s between the keyboard…

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Nov 2011

How to: create Google+ Brand Pages

Brand pages for Google+ have finally arrived. In this article we will show you how to create a page for your brand, and share our first impressions after a week of use. Keep in mind that the platform is still young and under development. When Google launched their social network in June 2011, an immediate battle for precious invites ensued. Companies and brands were left a bit out in the cold. Brand pages was a much-requested feature and Google commented that their were working on it. So now the moment has finally arrived where we can all setup a page for our own brand.


Apr 2009

Why Belgian media groups should consider buying 4th UMTS licence

Belgian government has decided, more to refill State’s accounts in these downturn times than to stimulate competition, to propose a fourth licence for setting up and commercially exploiting an additional UMTS network in Belgium. VOO and Telenet seem logically interested as 4th major Telecom actors in Belgium (Telenet mostly in North and VOO in South of the kingdom), but I believe that, UMTS being aimed at diffusing multimedia content through wireless network, other actors have a role to play in this game. First of all because MNO (Mobile Network Operators) have failed until now stimulating mobile data usage in Belgium. Many people blame the lack of device subzidiation in the country, but I believe it is also the failure of enabler’s roll out (such as simple and standard configuration settings, activation plan and marketing propositions for mobile internet/WAP/wireless services) and expensive data plans by mobile operators, as well as bad…

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Mar 2009

Google asks you which ad you want to see (or not?)

Google recently announced on its official blog the launch of the interest-based advertising and hopes to offer a better user experience for each stakeholder in the process: the advertisers, publishers and the Google users. The principle is quite simple: each time a user googles a keyword, a number of specific interests-based commercial ads will be displayed depending on the previous search queries and on some preferences the user can indicate. Both information are stored in a cookie. The first interest-based ads are expected to be launched during the second quarter 2009.