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Jun 2015

How brands can make a difference with newsjacking

Without a doubt you also have them. Friends who, in the blink of an eye, react appropriately or funnily to someone else’s words or actions. Well, brands can also do this. We call it ‘Newsjacking’. And even though it can be a dangerous game, I love it. Brands now realize all too well that in order to reach their target audience they need to be on social media. Only looking at Facebook, there are more than 1.3 billion active users to instantly connect with. The flexibility and instantaneousness of social media are unprecedented. It’s just so much more difficult to tap into recent events in a magazine where you as an advertiser have to send in your publication days in advance before printing. Social media let you post your idea virtually as soon as you come up with it! What you have to keep in mind, however, is that people…

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Feb 2015

Friday Session #72: How to feed the content monster

A new year, a new Friday Session! On the 30th of January, Cleverwood consultants Cristina Palmiotto and Stéphanie Desmet shared their experience to help you defeat the content monster with content management and useful tools.


Dec 2014

Friday Session #71: Storytelling behind the hype

Storytelling is gaining importance in today’s marketing mix, but what is it and how can we look beyond the buzz word? Jelle Annaars, copywriter, storyteller and Cleverwood consultant, told us the answer when we had the pleasure of welcoming him to Friday Session #71 on the 21st of November!


Sep 2014

Cocktail Friday Session #68: How the IoT will impact businesses.

We have all heard about the Internet of Things: smart refrigerators that let you know when it is time to buy milk, toothbrushes that keep track of dental hygiene and t-shirts that provide real-time biometric stats. While this is the cutting-edge of consumer technology, we were wondering what the value for businesses is?


May 2014

Friday Session #66: Social Media Myths

Even though most companies today are present on social media, many are questioning their return. The recent drop in organic traffic for Facebook, the drastic makeover of Twitter and the removal of LinkedIn Products and Services raise some questions on the future of social media for business.


Apr 2014

Friday Session: Boost your online presence with Google Analytics

Last Friday, Christophe Hendrick, Digital Strategist and Co-founder at Yieldow, visited our office to explain us how to boost your online presence with Google Analytics. After a quick round table, Christophe guided us through Google Analytics and shared a bag full of tips and tricks to setup correctly a Google Analytics account. Most important thing we learned: think before you act. Before installing Google Analytics on any website, define your KPIs. What do you want to measure, what is important for your business and how do you want to measure your results are questions anyone should ask himself to not miss key information in your analytics results. In the end, it all comes down to measuring the right data.


Mar 2014

Key recipes for killer infographics

They are commonly used and widespread, yet creating a really good one is not just about dragging and dropping shapes: infographics. Following the infographic about Mobile Banking we published last month, we decided to share our insights and knowledge on this topic. During our 64th Friday Session, Cleverwood gave me the opportunity to take the stage and unveil a few tips and tricks on how to create infographics.


Mar 2014

Monitoring, Managing or Customer Service?

How to choose the right social media tool for your business? The world of monitoring tools is complex and varied. During our Friday Session #63, Cleverwood consultant Kim Recour introduced us to the most interesting tools, complete with valuable examples and simulated tests.

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