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Apr 2009

Why Belgian media groups should consider buying 4th UMTS licence

Belgian government has decided, more to refill State’s accounts in these downturn times than to stimulate competition, to propose a fourth licence for setting up and commercially exploiting an additional UMTS network in Belgium. VOO and Telenet seem logically interested as 4th major Telecom actors in Belgium (Telenet mostly in North and VOO in South of the kingdom), but I believe that, UMTS being aimed at diffusing multimedia content through wireless network, other actors have a role to play in this game. First of all because MNO (Mobile Network Operators) have failed until now stimulating mobile data usage in Belgium. Many people blame the lack of device subzidiation in the country, but I believe it is also the failure of enabler’s roll out (such as simple and standard configuration settings, activation plan and marketing propositions for mobile internet/WAP/wireless services) and expensive data plans by mobile operators, as well as bad…

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Jan 2009

Flair Mobile wins Golden Mobistar Innovation Award

Flair Mobile won a Golden Mobistar Innovation Award in the MMS category. Looking for new ways of doing mobile advertising, Fabian Tilmant from Cleverwood designed an MMS service that allowed any mobile user in Belgium to subscribe to this innovative weather forecast service. Based on forecasted weather, but also on user preferences, Flair Mobile sends every day an outfit proposition to the subscribers. Based on an idea from Carole Lamarque, Mobile Business Unit Manager at Sanoma Magazines Belgium, Fabian and Ring Ring proposed this service to 3 Suisses in order for them to gain visibility on this new media. 


Nov 2008

Advertising on mobiles – a few key success factors

On Nov 17th during the previous Mobile Monday organized in Brussels at the IBBT Ilab, Fabian Tilmant, co-founder and senior consultant at cleverwood, discussed the golden triangle of mobile content and services. “Building a win-win-win interactivity between the platform, the content and the advertisers is the best way to create a successful and sustainable business model“, says Tilmant, before concluding on a “let’s build platforms!“.


Aug 2008

Debriefing the Cleverwood Trends Session on Aug 7th 2008

Thanks for coming last Thursday! It was such a pleasure to meet you during this event! We are looking forward to a next opportunity to share information with you on the exciting trends in the digital world! As promised, here are some pictures and the topics of the presentations: Mobile Advertising: what can we expect, by Fabian Tilmant, Mobile Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, Mobile Marketing Manager at Sanoma Web, Mobile, Interactive Television: will they converge, one day, by Laurent Kinet, IDTV Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, co-founder and CEO of Early Stage, and Jurgen Noël, Web Track Expert and Partner at cleverwood, Digital Advertisement Manager at ING Check also the cleverwood channel to watch all the videos!