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Jun 2015

How brands can make a difference with newsjacking

Without a doubt you also have them. Friends who, in the blink of an eye, react appropriately or funnily to someone else’s words or actions. Well, brands can also do this. We call it ‘Newsjacking’. And even though it can be a dangerous game, I love it. Brands now realize all too well that in order to reach their target audience they need to be on social media. Only looking at Facebook, there are more than 1.3 billion active users to instantly connect with. The flexibility and instantaneousness of social media are unprecedented. It’s just so much more difficult to tap into recent events in a magazine where you as an advertiser have to send in your publication days in advance before printing. Social media let you post your idea virtually as soon as you come up with it! What you have to keep in mind, however, is that people…

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Feb 2015

Content is not just black! #DolceGusto #HappyClient

In 2009, when Nestlé launched NESCAFE Dolce Gusto on the Belgian market, they wanted to stick to the values of the brand, but in an unconventional way! Their objective was to be closer to and engage more with their customers. Needless to say that social media were an excellent way to achieve this goal, and that is where Cleverwood entered the scene.


Nov 2014

Is a Facebook page and its fan base still worth anything?

As soon as Facebook announced it would undertake an IPO in 2012, it was clear that the social network would have to introduce a more aggressive monetization strategy to satisfy its investors. Over the past 2 years we have seen this come into play, with profound implications for both users and administrators.


May 2014

10 Facebook Content Tactics by Belgian brands

We are constantly bombarded with tips on how to create engaging content for brands on Facebook. And everywhere we look we read advice on how big brands can succeed in gaining more loyal fans. Without a doubt some of these formulas work well, but have you ever noticed how most examples always use love brands, global brands or sexy brands? I, for one, have never read a case about a local cleaning service’s Facebook content strategy… I’m not saying that Coca Cola’s content manager’s life is easy, but all these articles on killer content recipes made me wonder: how are Belgian brands doing?


Oct 2013

The highly important role of a Facebook Pages administrator

A few weeks ago Facebook finally allowed users to edit posts. With the introduction of this new function -although not available yet for business pages- many community managers breathe a sigh of relief. But does editing posts really help community managers? Is it really an advantage for Facebook brand pages? Let’s take 5 minutes to put this into perspective.


Aug 2013

Organising Facebook contests with the new Pages Terms

As you can read in yesterday’s blog post, a small revolution took place on Facebook when officially announced the latest changes to the Facebook Pages Terms. In short, Facebook now allows contests to be organized directly on the wall of a brand’s page, so there is no need for contest applications anymore. Or is there? Are the newest terms really such a great development? Will brands on Facebook completely abandon all applications to create contests? In the end, it all depends on your objectives. Do you want to collect data? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Create a buzz around your brand? Engage with your fans? Using apps for Facebook contests: the advantages and disadvantages Price Every app has its price, often quite expensive. Simply posting a picture and asking for likes is just about… Free. But don’t be fooled, you will still need to put in the effort…

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Aug 2013

Facebook contests no longer required to be organized through an application

It was a small revolution for Facebook last night when the social media giant officially announced the latest changes to its Facebook Pages Terms. From now on Facebook allows contests to be organized directly on the wall of a brand’s page. Contests no longer need to happen by means of an application. Let’s have a look at what is authorised: Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post Collect entries by having users message the Page Utilise likes as a voting mechanism And what is not authorised:


Aug 2013

Don’t let your Twitterwall become a #fail

Nowadays you see Twitterwalls popping up on a lot of events. The basics of a Twitterwall is a big screen or projection where attendants’ tweets with a specific hashtag are being display. But what’s good to know when you decided to setup a Twitterwall at your event? Let me share the learnings we had from our last Trends Session. 1. Free vs paying You will find a lot of free tools, but be sure to check them in advance. There is no free lunch, and that’s also the case for Twitterwalls: some will display the logo of the software, other will displays ads… You might want to avoid that and that’s when you should use a paying version. Commercial tools often are easy to personalize: you can define your own set of colors, use you own logo’s, alternate the wall with a sponsor page, … The extras that you will…

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Aug 2013

Facebook changes the rules to add an admin to a Page

Recently Facebook changed the rule to invite people as admin of a Facebook Page. It was only by setting up the Facebook page for Opération Chaussettes -the charity project by Claudia Lomma we support with Cleverwood- I discovered that invited admins do not receive a notification anymore. Even being Facebook friends with me and having liked the Opération Chaussettes page, no single invitation to become admin of the page reached any of the invited profiles. What changed? After some research, I found an official Facebook support solution in an online discussion. Facebook changed the way they allow people to become admin but apparently never announced this officially.


Aug 2012

New Facebook Advertising Tactics

Facebook has been introducing further ways of promoting brands, creating new types of ads like promoted posts and page post ads. What are the major changes offered by these tools? How can you integrate them in your strategy, following your objectives? During our 47th Friday Session, Hélène Debaisieux has guided Cleverwood consultants and friends through the new Facebook advertising. She explained how to choose the right tactic, following your objectives and your targets, between a classical ad, a promoted post or a sponsored story and set it up to promote your brand. It was a nice opportunity to share the Cleverwood experience with Facebook ads with the audience and to stimulate a great interaction about the future of content on the social media giant. Interested? Read more and give us your feedback: we would be glad to discuss with you about this topic!

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