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Aug 2013

Behind the scenes of our Strategic Workshop

“Think before you start”, that’s what we tell our clients. And that’s why they need a (digital) strategy. But don’t underestimate writing a strategy: it takes time (and budget), lots of effort and challenging, and sometimes companies simply don’t have the time, budget or focus to dive into a strategy. That’s why we created our digital strategy workshop: it’s a fast track to challenge existing or start new initiatives, in an interactive way. But why am I saying this? You can read all the details on our website. Since we are doing these workshops since 2008 we recently decided to formalise them into a package deal. And to kickstart this decision we challenged our e-mail subscribers: we gave away a workshop for free to the person (or company) who could provide us with the biggest challenge. (See? You should subscribe to our e-mailing!)


Jun 2013

Thank you for joining our CTS #8: Who is the King? Context, Content or Community?

Maybe I should consider to stop shouting ‘Get me out of my comfort zone‘ all the time. Because my next challenge aboard Cleverwood was to help organize the upcoming Trends Session. What’s a Trend Session? Well, it’s one of the services we provide at Cleverwood: we scan the market, look what’s new, evaluate and point out what is relevant to our customers, our clients and our partners. Next we package this knowledge into a practical and down to earth set of presentations and voilà: you have a Trends Session! So that’s what I explained to the audience, while presenting the topic of the evening ‘Who’s the King? Content, context or community?’ and the 3 speakers we invited to share some insights on the matter:


Apr 2010

Olivier Beaujean certifié RENTIC par la Région Wallonne

Profitez d’une prime Rentic pour vous faire accompagner dans vos projets e-marketing ou e-business ! La Région Wallonne prend en charge 80% des honoraires de votre consultant e-business ou e-marketing certifié Rentic, à concurrence de 5.000€ par mois pendant un an maximum. “Le Rentic est la personne à laquelle vous pouvez faire appel pour mettre en place un projet e-business dans votre PME. Il s’agit d’un expert agréé par la Région Wallonne à la suite d’un examen devant une commission. Le label Rentic vous offre la certitude de trouver le consultant indépendant des fournisseurs dont la grande expérience vous aidera à mener à bien votre projet e-Business.” (source) Depuis mars 2010, Olivier Beaujean, managing partner de Cleverwood, a reçu la certification en tant que consultant e-business (Rentic). Il vous propose ses services en matière de stratégie et mise en œuvre de vos projets de marketing et communication web, mobile, idtv ou sur…

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Jan 2010

Cleverwood at DEVCOM Brussels

Cleverwood is a Bronze partner for the DEVCOM fair held on Thursday the 28th of January at NYSE Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange. From 13:30 until 14:15, Ramon Suarez – new media business and marketing consultant passionate about internet and mobile communication – will also participate as speaker in one of the e-marketing and e-business conferences (EB04 – New e-marketing channels) From 15:30 until 16:15, Olivier Beaujean – co-founder of Cleverwood and specialized in e-marketing –  will join the e-business forum for a debate about e-reputation (EB08) During the whole day, you can visit the Cleverwood booth (#9) where our consultants will present you their 7-minutes speed demos. Eurostar & Club Med: Find out how two major Belgian actors created efficient blogger outreach actions in Belgium (Caroline Maerten) – slideshow Float Away wellness center : get first sales within days with an appropriate social media strategy (Christelle Deliens) – slideshow NESCAFE…

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Mar 2009

Cleverwood enabling Girl Geek’s low pound shopping in London

Tomorrow, Brussels and Paris Girl Geeks go to London, kindly invited by Eurostar to enjoy low pound shopping and a gathering with London Girl Geeks. Cleverwood, in partnership with Rolling Talks, designed, adviced on technologies and managed the whole project for Eurostar. Based on our know-how of the mobile usage in Belgium and the very short timing, Cleverwood decided to propose a mobile site, designed for most smartphones and using advantages of open API applications on the web. Mixing power of Twitter to spread the word and add some virality to the messages created during the event, possibilities related to Flickr geo-location and Eurostar favorite places in London located on Google Maps give a great cocktail focussed on ladies locations, their pictures and, of course, their conversations. All this in a very intuitive and navigation-free interface guiding the Girls at each step to the logical possibilities. A web interface (www.eurostar.com/girlsgeeks)…

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Jun 2008

Cleverwood Friday Session on June 6th – IDTV

On June 6th 2008, Laurent Kinet animated a discussion around the future of IDTV in Belgium and Europe. You’ll find the slides he showed : Friday session June 6th 2008 – IDTV. See you soon for a next session !