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Aug 2013

Organising Facebook contests with the new Pages Terms

As you can read in yesterday’s blog post, a small revolution took place on Facebook when officially announced the latest changes to the Facebook Pages Terms. In short, Facebook now allows contests to be organized directly on the wall of a brand’s page, so there is no need for contest applications anymore. Or is there? Are the newest terms really such a great development? Will brands on Facebook completely abandon all applications to create contests? In the end, it all depends on your objectives. Do you want to collect data? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Create a buzz around your brand? Engage with your fans? Using apps for Facebook contests: the advantages and disadvantages Price Every app has its price, often quite expensive. Simply posting a picture and asking for likes is just about… Free. But don’t be fooled, you will still need to put in the effort…

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Aug 2013

Facebook contests no longer required to be organized through an application

It was a small revolution for Facebook last night when the social media giant officially announced the latest changes to its Facebook Pages Terms. From now on Facebook allows contests to be organized directly on the wall of a brand’s page. Contests no longer need to happen by means of an application. Let’s have a look at what is authorised: Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post Collect entries by having users message the Page Utilise likes as a voting mechanism And what is not authorised:


Apr 2011

Twitter Contest Ideas: 6 games for Brands & Companies

These days, lots of companies have a presence on Twitter. Most of these companies use it to share what’s going on in the company, which new products they are launching, and have a conversation with their followers. Others try to provoke interaction by sharing interesting stories and insights. But for most companies, that’s about it. Only a small minority dare venture into the realm of Twitter contests and competitions. In this article we will explain six ideas for Twitter contests, and why these ideas might or might not be suitable for your company.


Jul 2010

La vie de Community Manager n’est pas toujours facile!

Personne n’est à l’abri d’un faux pas, d’une erreur qui fait que, si on ne la rectifie pas dans les  minutes qui viennent, la fan page devient un véritable champ de bataille! Pour illustrer mes propos, voici la mésaventure à la fin heureuse (c’est toujours mieux! ;)) qui est arrivée à la Loterie Nationale hier. La Loterie Nationale utilise sa page fan Facebook pour faire gagner des entrées pour les différents festivals qui ont lieu durant tout l’été sous forme de question de rapidité ou autre. Hier justement, c’était une question de rapidité avec à la clé un seul gagnant. Déroulement des évènements: 1. ils annoncent la question “de rapidité” dans 2 post différents (FR + NL) avec 30 secondes de décalage entre les 2 posts, ce qui pour un concours de rapidité avec un seul gagnant peut en faire râler plus d’un! 2. Ils ne mentionnent pas où les…

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