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May 2012

Facebook Timeline: Cleverwood consultants quoted in Trends

A recent article in Trends detailed the newest features of Facebook by journalist Lara van Dievoet. Following our presentation of The Next Facebook: Timeline Update earlier last month, Lara was so generous to quote Cleverwood consultants Christelle Deliens and Stijn Vogels in her article.


Apr 2012

The Next Facebook: Timeline Update

On March 30th, Facebook updated all pages to the new ‘timeline’ design. This was announced a month in advance. Yet still, a lot of companies were unsure which changes this update with bring along, and how exactly it would impact their brand. To explain the changes and answer all questions from our clients we organised a Friday Session. Christelle Deliens and Stijn Vogels guided the audience through the new Facebook, with focus on the following questions: What can you expect from Timeline for Brands? What are Facebook’s motives behind the facelift? What does this mean for future brand management on Facebook?


Aug 2011

5 free Community Management Tools for Facebook (part 2)

As a community manager, it’s not always easy to manage a lot of various Facebook accounts. Therefore, different tools were created to cary out your daily tasks. But are they all relevant? Can we use free tools or do we rather pay and be sure they’re efficient? After the big success of the previous Friday Session on Community Management Tools, our Social Media and SEA consultant Christelle Deliens decided to give another session for those who missed the first one. This time, she was joined by Stijn Vogels and together they presented an updated version of those Community Management tools.


Feb 2011

5 Free Community Management Tools for Facebook

The previous Friday session was the opportunity for Christelle Deliens, Social Media Consultant at Cleverwood, to browse features, strengths but also weaknesses of five free tools for community management. The way you work and you interact with your community will influence the choice of your tool. To help you, Miss Facebook summarized free tools to help you saving expensive time.