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Apr 2009

Why Belgian media groups should consider buying 4th UMTS licence

Belgian government has decided, more to refill State’s accounts in these downturn times than to stimulate competition, to propose a fourth licence for setting up and commercially exploiting an additional UMTS network in Belgium. VOO and Telenet seem logically interested as 4th major Telecom actors in Belgium (Telenet mostly in North and VOO in South of the kingdom), but I believe that, UMTS being aimed at diffusing multimedia content through wireless network, other actors have a role to play in this game. First of all because MNO (Mobile Network Operators) have failed until now stimulating mobile data usage in Belgium. Many people blame the lack of device subzidiation in the country, but I believe it is also the failure of enabler’s roll out (such as simple and standard configuration settings, activation plan and marketing propositions for mobile internet/WAP/wireless services) and expensive data plans by mobile operators, as well as bad…

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Mar 2009

Future is a four letter word

BLYK or EXQI. Strange words that symbolize innovation in Belgian New Media landscape. What’s interesting in these initiatives is that, unlike most of the pure online players, they’re operated by media people who are looking for new models, based on advertising revenues. Indeed, profitability, and thus possibilities of getting sufficient budget from advertisers, is the start point of these initiatives. Eric Samson (CEO Blyk Belgium) and Gabriel Fehervari (CEO Alfacam) don’t hesitate to take their pilgrim’s staff to spread the word to the market and evangelize advertisers to their new models, forecasting better ROI than traditional models.


Mar 2009

Cleverwood enabling Girl Geek’s low pound shopping in London

Tomorrow, Brussels and Paris Girl Geeks go to London, kindly invited by Eurostar to enjoy low pound shopping and a gathering with London Girl Geeks. Cleverwood, in partnership with Rolling Talks, designed, adviced on technologies and managed the whole project for Eurostar. Based on our know-how of the mobile usage in Belgium and the very short timing, Cleverwood decided to propose a mobile site, designed for most smartphones and using advantages of open API applications on the web. Mixing power of Twitter to spread the word and add some virality to the messages created during the event, possibilities related to Flickr geo-location and Eurostar favorite places in London located on Google Maps give a great cocktail focussed on ladies locations, their pictures and, of course, their conversations. All this in a very intuitive and navigation-free interface guiding the Girls at each step to the logical possibilities. A web interface (www.eurostar.com/girlsgeeks)…

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