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Feb 2015

What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?


May 2014

Pinterest in Belgium: Interview with Belgian Pinfluencer Paulien

To top off our Pinterest in Belgium series, we wanted to obtain some insights from a popular Belgian Pinterest user or Pinfluencer. We did a short interview with 22-year old Belgian student, model, fashion pinner and blogger Paulien Riemis. Although Paulien doesn’t run any business, her experience with Pinterest can teach us valuable lessons. At the time of writing, Paulien has pinned over 33.000 images and acquired over 20.000 followers.


May 2014

10 Facebook Content Tactics by Belgian brands

We are constantly bombarded with tips on how to create engaging content for brands on Facebook. And everywhere we look we read advice on how big brands can succeed in gaining more loyal fans. Without a doubt some of these formulas work well, but have you ever noticed how most examples always use love brands, global brands or sexy brands? I, for one, have never read a case about a local cleaning service’s Facebook content strategy… I’m not saying that Coca Cola’s content manager’s life is easy, but all these articles on killer content recipes made me wonder: how are Belgian brands doing?


Mar 2014

12 inspiring examples of Twitter contests

Supermarket Delhaize recently flooded Belgian Twitter timelines with recipes in the form of a contest. It’s an example of how many companies nowadays are using Twitter as a marketing vehicle to increase their brand awareness, and ultimately collect data. In addition to our previous blog post on this topic, we think it’s valuable to look at some recent Belgian examples.


Mar 2014

How big is the Belgian Pinterest user base?

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has established a solid online presence with its 70 million user base (or is it 80?), and is projected to be 2014’s fastest growing social network. The social network has achieved great results in the US and UK, and is slowly but steadily gaining ground in Europe, but what about Belgium? How large or small is the Belgian Pinterest user base?


Jan 2014

My internship at Cleverwood: exploring the use of social media by Belgian B2B companies

Hi, my name is Marie-Odile, I am currently doing a Master in Public Relations at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve. During my last year of studies, I wanted to experience the day-to-day activities in a digitalconsultancy agency and ended up at Cleverwood. It’s been two months since I joined the team for my internship and my days at the office were full of good times, a lot of learning and a touch of cheerfulness. Next to helping out my colleagues on various digital media projects and my contribution to daily tasks for numerous clients, I felt interested in the use of social media by Belgian B2B companies and got the chance to do a small R&D project myself during my internship. Before heading back to university, I am proud to announce this study will serve as basis for a later to be published downloadable e-document on the Cleverwood website.


Jul 2013

10 key learnings from the Ecommerce Forum on how to boost online sales.

Friday 28th of june 2013, I attended the Ecommerce Forum in Brussels, an afternoon with various speakers sharing their expertise on how to boost your online sales. Happy to share here 10 takeaways to remember from that day with focus on content, processes and trust. # 1: Stimulate the buyer’s trust by obtaining the BeCommerce Label: BeCommerce is a quality label for your e-commerce website. It shows your credibility and stimulates the buyer’s trust when he is about to make a purchase on your e-commerce website. Today they have 226 members in Belgium such as Zalando, Yves Rocher, Famous Box, Snapstore, … # 2: Use target images of attractive people: If you pick attractive people who look like your target audience, you have a better chance to hit the sweet spot. People need to relate to the visuals featured on your website. Visual content works. # 3: Use the fear of shortage…

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