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Jun 2013

Thank you for joining our CTS #8: Who is the King? Context, Content or Community?

Maybe I should consider to stop shouting ‘Get me out of my comfort zone‘ all the time. Because my next challenge aboard Cleverwood was to help organize the upcoming Trends Session. What’s a Trend Session? Well, it’s one of the services we provide at Cleverwood: we scan the market, look what’s new, evaluate and point out what is relevant to our customers, our clients and our partners. Next we package this knowledge into a practical and down to earth set of presentations and voilà: you have a Trends Session! So that’s what I explained to the audience, while presenting the topic of the evening ‘Who’s the King? Content, context or community?’ and the 3 speakers we invited to share some insights on the matter:


Oct 2011

The BEL20 companies on Social Media: Innovators or Laggards?

In a report published in March 2009, the marketing and advertising research company Nielsen called social networks « the global consumer phenomenon of 2008 ». Indeed, they attracted a lot of people: almost two-third of the population on the Web registered on a social network. This consumer phenomenon makes traditional media, the advertising industry and commercial companies face new challenges. For these actors, social networks represent as many opportunities as threats. This study realized and presented by Lionel Groetaers between August 1 and October 31 2010 aims to understand the use of social sites by stock index BEL20 companies.


Jul 2010

Future of iDTV: opportunities, consumer behavior and business models

In the current context of digitalization and technologies convergence, a radical change is occuring in the world of Marketing and Advertising. At Cleverwood, we believe the radical change will be particularly important for the Television, this industry is facing big challenges and traditionnal Broadcast probably has to be re-thought. Due to this growing complexity and the difficulty to anticipate the rapid technological evolutions, future is blur and many questions are raising for the entire ecosystem in this sector:


Mar 2010

iDTV : opportunities, consumer behavior and business models

In the current context of traditional mass marketing reduction and intense media fragmentation, the debate at Cleverwood Friday Session on Friday 26 of February turned out to be a interesting exercise to discuss challenges that Television industry is facing and the rise of Interactive Deigital Television in Belgium. The session was animated by Saky Kourtidis, Trainee Business Consultant at Cleverwood and student in Business Engineering at ICHEC. During the presentation we all had an interesting discussion about the impact that interactivity could have in future marketing practices. New models will appear in this new era for Television. During many years, consumers were forced to waste their time watching linear advertisements that were imposed to them. With the new IDTV it remains to be seen if they will accept to play the game of interactivity with advertisers. Industry actors, their role in this new television landscape was also a source of passionate…

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