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Feb 2015

What you think you know about Instagram: true or false?

It feels like yesterday that we heard the news about Instagram reaching a higher amount of members than Twitter. When others asked us why we weren’t surprised this had happened, we responded that we discovered our love for Instagam a long time ago. It’s fun, fast, visual and interactive. What’s not to love?


Oct 2014

4 techniques to make Snapchat work for your brand – a class example by Disneyland

With over 4,6 million members and 350 million photos shared every day, Snapchat has rapidly become one of the most popular applications among youngsters. Disneyland was one of the first companies to find a way to engage with their audience by snapping relevant content. As  a strong lovebrand Disneyland appeals to many age groups. However, their marketing strategies are heavily focussed on children and their parents. With Snapchat, Disneyland saw an opportunity to reach the interesting target group of young adults. We took a  closer look and found 4 techniques that Disneyland uses to make Snapchat work.


Aug 2012

New Facebook Advertising Tactics

Facebook has been introducing further ways of promoting brands, creating new types of ads like promoted posts and page post ads. What are the major changes offered by these tools? How can you integrate them in your strategy, following your objectives? During our 47th Friday Session, Hélène Debaisieux has guided Cleverwood consultants and friends through the new Facebook advertising. She explained how to choose the right tactic, following your objectives and your targets, between a classical ad, a promoted post or a sponsored story and set it up to promote your brand. It was a nice opportunity to share the Cleverwood experience with Facebook ads with the audience and to stimulate a great interaction about the future of content on the social media giant. Interested? Read more and give us your feedback: we would be glad to discuss with you about this topic!


Dec 2010

Cleverwood is part of the new “Rossel Label”

The Rossel group recently launched a new initiative called the Rossel Label. This group of experts gathered to answer the growing demand of advertisers for new and creative solutions in new media and advertising. Cleverwood is happy to be part of this initiative. Together with 5 other companies, we are looking forward to help many companies explore new ways of using media. Read more and download the presentation of this label at the Rossel Advertising website.


Oct 2010

The New Media Generation: Adlovers or Ad-avoiders?

Yesterday I attended the GRP Media Session about the relationship between the young generation (between 18 and 22) and the media. The evening was divided into 3 presentations about new researches over this Media Generation. Some of the results were surprising, some of them weren’t! Here is my take for each of them…


Dec 2009

Last Friday Session of the Year + X-mas drink!

Last Friday, despite the snow and a difficult access to the office, Jurgen Noel came to speak about his job and particularly about how to make a good campaign younger generations and Digital Natives.  He showed us the various steps and his tips to reach the young generation on the web and social media. He illustrated this with his recent experiences in the banking sector at ING on social media such as Netlog or Facebook. I personally will remember that we should not try to speak like them because we aren’t like them! The tone of voice that will be chosen in a media campaign targeting teenagers is really important.


May 2009

What Women Want… in Mobile

Here is a quick debrief of our Mobile Marketing Trends Session held on May 7th : What women want… in Mobile? Because we are all different, we love different brands, we use our devices in different ways, Fabian Tilmant started by highlighting the importance of segmentation in mobile .


Apr 2009

Invitation : What women want… in Mobile?

Everyday, brands are exploring new ways of engaging conversations with their consumers. And Mobile, the fastest growing media, is one of them. Is Mobile really all about males? What about women? What do they want to hear from brands? What kind of interaction do they expect? How different are the female expectations when it comes to mobile marketing? In our next Trends Session, we’ll help you understand: What women want… in Mobile On May 7th, Cleverwood invites the major actors in the mobile market to talk about the growing importance of mobile media for women.


Apr 2009

Why Belgian media groups should consider buying 4th UMTS licence

Belgian government has decided, more to refill State’s accounts in these downturn times than to stimulate competition, to propose a fourth licence for setting up and commercially exploiting an additional UMTS network in Belgium. VOO and Telenet seem logically interested as 4th major Telecom actors in Belgium (Telenet mostly in North and VOO in South of the kingdom), but I believe that, UMTS being aimed at diffusing multimedia content through wireless network, other actors have a role to play in this game. First of all because MNO (Mobile Network Operators) have failed until now stimulating mobile data usage in Belgium. Many people blame the lack of device subzidiation in the country, but I believe it is also the failure of enabler’s roll out (such as simple and standard configuration settings, activation plan and marketing propositions for mobile internet/WAP/wireless services) and expensive data plans by mobile operators, as well as bad…

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