How big is the Belgian Pinterest user base?

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has established a solid online presence with its 70 million user base (or is it 80?), and is projected to be 2014’s fastest growing social network. The social network has achieved great results in the US and UK, and is slowly but steadily gaining ground in Europe, but what about Belgium? How large or small is the Belgian Pinterest user base?

A quest for Pinterest in Belgium on Google Search yields only one, maybe two valuable blog articles. On all social media usage maps, Belgium is greyed out as ‘not enough data’. Due to the lack of consistent data about Pinterest in Belgium, we are forced to make some assumptions, so let’s assemble snippets of data we found left & right in order to give an estimation on the amount of Belgian Pinterest users.

  • Google Trends tells us that Google Search volume for ‘Pinterest’ in Belgium (almost) doubled over the course of 2013.
  • According to , the current Pinterest fanbase on Facebook would have a total of ca. 7.650 Belgian fans on Facebook as of March 2014, which would represent 0.2% of the total Pinterest fanbase (ca. 3.220.000) on Facebook.
  • Wikipedia mentions that 48.700.000 users were on Pinterest in February 2013.
  • According to research by Bruno Peeters on his BVLG blog, the Belgian Pinterest user group would have counted between 20.000 and 25.000 users in March 2013, while the global usercount at that time was around 50 millions.
  • This Semiocast article shows that the total Pinterest user count is estimated to have increased by 20 million (totalling 70 million) by July 2013, or 40% growth since march 2013. Other websites report 70 million between July and October.
  • has recently published an article where it mentions “Pinterest is said to have near 80 million users” by the end of February 2014 (+60% vs. February 2013).

For a rough estimation, we could assume that user growth is equal all over the world (unlikely) and we thus apply 60% growth to the numbers of the BVLG blog. That would mean the Belgian userbase has increased with 12-15.000 users, stranding on a total of 32-40.000 users (avg. 36.000).

Going into more detail, comparing the relative (%) global growth of Pinterest fans on Facebook to the Belgian percentage (, reveals that they follow approximately the same course, as seen in the figure below:

Global vs. Belgian like count growth

Global vs. Belgian like count growth, based on data

Another noticeable fact is that Pinterest likes on Facebook seem to grow twice as fast in Belgium (+6% in Feb.), as globally (+3,1% in Feb.). This means our first rough estimation (32-40.000) is probably an underestimation, or the Belgian Pinterest users are simply twice as enthusiastic about their network, or, most likely, a combination of both.

We can logically assume that the growth of the amount of Pinterest likes on Facebook is in direct correlation with the growth of the number of users on Pinterest.

Building on this assumption, we took the average global ‘like’ growth for the past six months (2,14%) , and extrapolated this growth to the Pinterest user base. However, how representative is this? In other words, how many of the new Pinterest users (globally) ‘like’ the brand Pinterest monthly on Facebook? From our ‘trial & error’ calculations, it would seem about 50-55% of them do.

Now we know around 50% of monthly new Pinterest users like the brand on Facebook, we can multiply the ‘like’ growth by 2 (4,28%/ month) to get to the 100% global user base. This results in 60 to 70 million users in July-October 2013, and 79 million users in February 2014, which more or less corresponds with the estimations from the sources listed in the beginning of this article.

Chart: global vs. Belgian Pinterest user count global vs. Belgian Pinterest user count

Estimated global vs. Belgian Pinterest user count

Making the same calculation with the Belgian account (assuming 50% of new Belgian Pinterest users ‘likes’ this brand on Facebook), we got an average of 9,17%/monthly user growth for Pinterest, reaching 57-64.000 users in March 2014. This seems very unlikely as it is much higher than the double Google Search volume for ‘Pinterest’. What if 75% of them shows some love for Pinterest on Facebook? That gives us 40-48.000 users, which is closer to our previous estimations. So apparently, the Belgian Pinterest users are truly more enthusiastic about their Pinterest accounts than the global average.


  • They are more proud of their Pinterest presence than their international counterparts, that is: a bigger percentage tends to show their appreciation for Pinterest on Facebook.
  • As of March 2014, we estimate Pinterest to have around 45.000 Belgian users.

This gives us a limited insight in the demographics of Belgian Pinterest users. In our next Pinterest article, we will share some insights about who those 45.000 people are, where they live, and what they are interested in. Stay tuned!

Kevin Van Lierde


  1. Philippe Deltenre Says: March 25, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    I checked on comscore. The reach of pinterest in Belgium is 277.000 active unique visitors (4.3% of the internet population). They make around 2 Mio pageviews/month and 19.000 average unique users a day.
    This doesn’t mean that the 277.000 unique visitors have a pinterest account :)

  2. Kevin Van Lierde Says: March 26, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Thanks for these useful insights Philippe. I reckon all this data is pretty vague, still the information in your comment confirms that Pinterest’s popularity is rising in Belgium. :)

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