Thank you for joining our CTS #8: Who is the King? Context, Content or Community?

Maybe I should consider to stop shouting ‘Get me out of my comfort zone‘ all the time. Because my next challenge aboard Cleverwood was to help organize the upcoming Trends Session.

What’s a Trend Session? Well, it’s one of the services we provide at Cleverwood: we scan the market, look what’s new, evaluate and point out what is relevant to our customers, our clients and our partners. Next we package this knowledge into a practical and down to earth set of presentations and voilà: you have a Trends Session!


So that’s what I explained to the audience, while presenting the topic of the evening ‘Who’s the King? Content, context or community?’ and the 3 speakers we invited to share some insights on the matter:

Kurt Pappaert kicked off the session with the KBC case of ‘The Gap in the Market‘ (het gat in de markt) which clearly is running on community fuel. The figures were astonishing, and they really managed to get that motor running. We were glad Kurt was willing to share his insights like ‘Give your community a kickstart because nobody wants to post first‘ and ‘The community will create your content‘, and we had to admit that it was not a campaign, but a true generator of business ideas.
Little big detail: while writing this blogpost the news that KBC won Gold on the Cannes Lions was announced. No further comment needed I guess.

Next up was Evert-Jan De Kort who is running Choqoa, on his passion we can say. That passion is the essence of his webshop which lets you rediscover chocolate. That passion is also the red line through the content he is sharing on various channels, his blog as the cornerstone. Nice from Evert-Jan to admit that he was ‘doing stuff’ and experimenting to learn what was working and what was not.
And to prove that content was king he organized a live chocolate tasting during his presentation: nice move, and it left nobody indifferent. (and remember folks: you experienced it at Cleverwood!)

The biggest challenge was given to Frédéric Herzeele, mister Social Media at Belgacom. Because what we asked him was to give his view on context, but he managed to build upon the prior presentations and place them….into its context.
One example that everyone will remember was the Leduc case, an anecdote that came in as a threat but Frédéric and his team managed to transform into an opportunity.


And so, Frédéric concluded, The King is relevant, shareable, likeable content that is targeted to the right community in the right context.
Even our little debat at the end of the evening could not blow away that statement.

What happened next? We chose an informal winner starting with a C: champagne! Accompanied with some tasty zakouskis it was the perfect closer for this Trends Session.
A big thank you for all the speakers, the Cleverwood people organizing the event and the audience for being there.
You will find a nice overview of the best tweets on our Storify and of some nice pictures on our Facebook page.


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And in case you are wondering: I won’t stop asking to get me out of my comfort zone. At least, not for now ;-)

Jerry Hamal


  1. Big congrats to Cristina, Sandrine and Jerry who organized all this for us !

  2. Congratulations! It was an amazing event: powerful topic, great speakers and a dynamic Cleverwood team! I’m very proud to have been part of this adventure :)

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