33 New Media predictions for 2011

During the Cleverwood New Year’s Event last Thursday, we invited all our guests to take a risk and make some predict for the new years.

Posts-it-wall during the Cleverwood New Year's Event

Posts-it-wall during the Cleverwood New Year's Event

Here are their 33 new media predictions for the world of 2011!

  1. The fail of Facebook mail #prediction (@Muskusos)
  2. LinkedIn will generate new ways of working and doing business in #2011 #prediction (@olbow)
  3. Intranets become internal social media (@aubertm)
  4. Free wi-fi becomes a must-have in coffee, restaurants etc. (@somebaudy)
  5. E-commerce will be skyrocketing in #2011 (@bizz-y-bee)
  6. Virtual capacities through professional networking (@lambros-p)
  7. Facebook will become a Central Hub of Communication: email, video chat, voice chat #prediction (@christelle501)
  8. Apps, Apps, Apps ! (@Tapptic)
  9. Foursquare used as a fidelity card in supermarkets (@somebaudy)
  10. Ping Ping will become “the” mobile payment standard in Belgium (@fherzeele)
  11. Operating systems for mobile devices will suffer security threats (@businessquests)
  12. Democratisation of smartphones for more and more mobile people (@rtuplano)
  13. Digital doesn’t mean « for free » anymore #prediction (@Alechinsky)
  14. First android virus scare (@somebaudy)
  15. Facebook and Apple are going to be punished by UE and consumers (but not in #2011) (@anonymous)
  16. Facebook will start to decline. too big. A victim of its own success (@Rogerson)
  17. #Prediction 1 : Community Managers are born and bred within mature Belgian companies (@RollingTalks)
  18. Social ‘Media’ use spreading from marketing/communication rooms to the whole companies’ building (@RollingTalks)
  19. E-books are still not a hit in Belgium (@somebaudy)
  20. Even if culturally challenging, in #2011 we will realize that we value access over copy for most content (@Julien_Mo)
  21. In 2011 MORE machines than people will be connected on the internet! #InternetOfThings (@aardling)
  22. Legislation more strict and specific about SM abuses (privacy and security)! If not law, self-regulation will do the job (@helene_db)
  23. Location is the future #prediction (@Alechinsky)
  24. Big companies finally get serious about social (@Alechinsky)
  25. Community Managers are born and bred within companies #prediction2011 (@RollingTalks)
  26. Expansion of Facebook pages even for small companies (@Muskusos)
  27. Facebook will become the n°1 social media for EACH country. SM-Geolocalisation will be the key word of #2011 ! (@rtuplano)
  28. Some moment companies will decide to gather in full standard compatible website/services (@rthys)
  29. #2011 : the year of mobile penetration to the masses for smartphones & tablets (@dirkhuysm)
  30. Increase of Partnership initiatives between Telecom and Content Provider #predictions (@SakyKourtidis)
  31. Media Partnerships will be hype again and will be a complement to media budgets and SM strategies (@PhilippeD)
  32. Facebook collapses as “the next thing” / “the sexiest” / “must have” aspect of online marcoms (@businessquests)
  33. Citizen-launched initiatives are made into laws (@somebaudy)

Which of these do you think seems the most likely to happen? With which predictions do you agree? Your feedback is always welcome!


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