My visit to the Digital Marketing First 2010

Digital Marketing First 2010I was at the Inside Digital Media Event of the year. All the media world was there but what is exactly this Digital Marketing First (DMF)? A lot of conferences, a lot of stands, a lot of people and… a lot of media! With so much things in such one day, choices had to be made:

  • the axis: social media only
  • the schedule: all the afternoon

Here is my summary.


To be honest, the speakers did not say anything really new, and no real marketing trick was revealed.

1. ROI of Social Media (Clo Willaerts)

First speech, Clo Willaerts, from Sanoma Magazines, the essential of social media, “ROI of Social Media”. She gave the tone of the following debates: how to be an effective community manager? Working in social media means social without forgotting the media aspect, it is a new way of living and doing business. Clo Willaert gave us advice about how to deal with this new CRM, this new way of speaking of your brand. The central axis of community management is innovation. Some interesting reading materials were there to support this position.

2. The Power of Brand Advocates (Kurt Vergult)

The second social media speech of this day was given by Kurt Vergult, from LBi, “The power of brand advocates”. Some interesting cases were explained: The Coca-Cola Village, the Jericho serie, The Starbucks Manhattan, the Carlton Bier and the Coca-Cola 206. It is finally no surprise to see the following results published on Mashable.

3. Social Media Strategies (Israel Roldán)

The third conference was given by Israel Roldán from Foreach, Mexico, “Social Media Strategies, beyond the conversation – a Suzuki Mexico case Study”. Israel Roldán reminded us how being on social media does not necessarily mean doing it right. Without efficiency, a social media presence is no strategic action. He took the Suzuki Mexico page as an effective example.

4. How to make optimal use of social networks in direct marketing (Eric de Bellefroid)

The fourth presentation: Eric de Bellefroid from Duval Guillaume and Kris Hoet from Selligent “How to make optimal use of social networks in direct marketing?”. This conference overviewed what is this social CRM. This new relationship is created by the social media and the customer is now even more in the center of the marketing.

5. Yes, this is a digital world (Bernie Mitchell)

The fifth speech was given by Bernie Mitchell from TCS Digital World “Yes, this is a digital world. But it would mean nothing without a woman or a man?”. The interactive style of this presentation was really fun, it even made us sometimes forget about the content: Bernie Mitchell reminded us the importance of the interaction to get customers’ engagement.

5. The power of social media to create new industry domains (Bart Becks)

The last social media presentation of the day was given by Bart Becks from SonicAngel “The power of social media to create new industry domains”. Bart Becks tolk up his new platform for discovering new music talents and praised the power of social media to support new artists.


In conclusion, social media were analysed in all aspects and forms. Even if they were presented as the future, the condition of so much possibilities, nothing really new was introduced. Once again, the boundaries between digital and real were pointed it out as less clear.

The DMF 2010 is like every large event: you talk a lot, you don’t learn so much but you create business contacts. The DMF gave us a nice overview of what the brilliant future of digital will be dedicated, and even if social media seem part of the new ways of doing business, the contacts weren’t only digital.


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