Video might have killed the radio stars… what about Internet?

Retro Radio by Francis Bourguoin

What started in 2002 as a weekly radio show on a local radio station kept on evolving throughout the years. If I am still proud to produce shows for FM radio stations (thanks to FM Brussel and 057 radio for giving us this opportunity), I also decided in March 2008 to create an online radio station on the Radionomy platform as a way to expand the Laid Back project.

So far more than 20 deejays and numerous guests collaborate on LDBK and help us broadcast 24/7 the best in urban music from the last 40 years. But our goal with LDBK is more ambitious than being a jukebox. We want to make the best use of the new technologies in order to shape the future of radio.

In December 08, willing to balance my DIY experience with some “corporate” views, I collaborated with Cleverwood to organize a conference about the future of radio. Many meetings, brainstorming sessions and prototypes later, we released – together with Central and Datasmart – the first public version of the LDBK desktop player.

Next to the desktop player and it’s upcoming iPhone version, I also wanted to explain the theory behind our experiments. Hence this manifesto listing 11 recommandations on what could be done to offer a new radio experience to listeners.

Slideshow FRSlideshow NL

Each point of this manifesto corresponds to a group of functionalities we might consider adding to our players. Let’s take #10 for instance: “Listening to the radio doesn’t require 100% of the listener’s attention. But once you catch their attention you’d better give them something nice.”

This pop up – implemented in th latest version of our player – appears when we have something more to offer to our listeners be it an exclusive article, a free track on download or an invitation to participate to a contest/game.

To test the latest version of the LDBK player or share your vision on the future of radio, leave us a comment or join me on the radio 2.0 network.


Layout – Diane d’Andrimont
French translation – Olivier Beaujean
Dutch transaltion – Jurgen Noel
Text – Julien Mourlon in collaboration with Fabian Tilmant

Programming – Anthony Janssens
User Interface Design – Ali Nassiri & Geoffroy Delobel (Central Design)
Concept – Julien Mourlon

Top picture:
“Retro Radio” by Francis Bourguoin


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