Jul 2014

Three Mobile Applications for Gardening

Frequent readers of this blog know that we like healthy food at Cleverwood. That’s why we started thinking about growing our own vegetables, which inspired us to take a look at a few mobile gardening applications during lunch. We wanted to see how they could help us, and ended up picking 3 applications we found worth taking a closer look at.


May 2014

Pinterest in Belgium: Interview with Belgian Pinfluencer Paulien

To top off our Pinterest in Belgium series, we wanted to obtain some insights from a popular Belgian Pinterest user or Pinfluencer. We did a short interview with 22-year old Belgian student, model, fashion pinner and blogger Paulien Riemis. Although Paulien doesn’t run any business, her experience with Pinterest can teach us valuable lessons. At the time of writing, Paulien has pinned over 33.000 images and acquired over 20.000 followers.


May 2014

8 mobile applications to keep you healthy

We always hear about losing weight for the summer, recovering your silhouette for the holidays, following a special diet after Christmas, … But what about living healthy each day of your life? During our latest #appslunch we looked at 8 mobile applications that help you keeping good shape. Read our list below.


May 2014

Friday Session #66: Social Media Myths

Even though most companies today are present on social media, many are questioning their return. The recent drop in organic traffic for Facebook, the drastic makeover of Twitter and the removal of LinkedIn Products and Services raise some questions on the future of social media for business.


May 2014

10 Facebook Content Tactics by Belgian brands

We are constantly bombarded with tips on how to create engaging content for brands on Facebook. And everywhere we look we read advice on how big brands can succeed in gaining more loyal fans. Without a doubt some of these formulas work well, but have you ever noticed how most examples always use love brands, global brands or sexy brands? I, for one, have never read a case about a local cleaning service’s Facebook content strategy… I’m not saying that Coca Cola’s content manager’s life is easy, but all these articles on killer content recipes made me wonder: how are Belgian brands doing?


May 2014

Our challenge: train 100 people from EDIC

One month ago, the Cleverwood Learning Hub landed at the European Commission. The challenge: train 100 people from across Europe, working at the Europe Direct Information Centers (EDIC), on the use of social media. The menu: 10 trainers, 5 rooms, 2 days. Below you can find a snapshot of our activities before, during and after the mission. In June we’ll be back for a second run to give 10 workshops of 1 hour each.


Apr 2014

How is mobile changing the shopping experience?

With over 50% of consumers walking around with a smartphone while they’re shopping, mobile is changing the shopping experience. The question is which technologies are at hand to interact with this connected customer? I had the privilege to act as the content coordinator for a MobileMondays Brussels session on this topic. For this I found 4 speakers: Eduard X Paniego, Export manager at openTrends (Barcelona), on the paradigm of Context Awared Solutions Olivier Delangre, Co-founder at Amoobi, showing their solution to use mobile for in-store customer flow monitoring Mario Haneca, VP Client Relations at Tapcrowd, presenting their iBeacon and geo-targetting technologies Tom Kestens, Head of Marketing at Sixdots, explaining how they are building a Belgian standard for secure mobile payments What did I learn? Well, for instance, that the Belgian retail market is about nowhere when it comes to embracing these new technologies. There is only 1 known iBeacon case…

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Apr 2014

My first month @Cleverwood in 9 pictures

One month ago, I started my internship at Cleverwood. During this period I learned a lot about new ways of working, digital marketing and social media. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Stéphanie Desmet and after graduating in journalism at the Artevelde University College in Ghent, I chose to do something different: marketing. It’s with this background, and the desire to combine the two studies, that I applied for an internship at Cleverwood. A choice I haven’t regretted! But why tell you when pictures say more than words?

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